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FoodieCards - Real Playable Deck of Cards

Project: Brand & Package Design
Industry: Retail/ Fundraising
Project Overview: Last spring, I was excited to help FoodieCards again with a request for a logo-revision and a new package design. The original logo I designed for them came to me as a referral from Amy Jacobs back in 2014. The new goal for the project was to make the design fun but universal to attract multiple audiences and cities but keep the frog as a sentiment to Toledo. My design research lead me to think about what all cities have in common and the mission of FoodieCards which is to support local restaurants and non-profits. The new athletic sporty design communicates what the deck of 54 cards is all about food and saving money. The new tagline was also an important element includedin the design Support. Eat. Save. 

To learn more about FoodieCards email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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