The Heart of an Artist

          With a Mind for Design

As a visual artist, I understand the important distinction to make between creating for yourself and creating for others. When I make art, I’m expressing myself. When I’m designing, however, I’m expressing the ideas of others. And this is how I work with your IDEAS…

Idea – Every project begins with a concept, a goal, and an idea. It’s crucial to establish the chief aim of design because, much like a building, proper designs require a solid foundation. Not only to create work that I’m proud of, but, more importantly, to represent your idea as accurately as possible.

Develop – After we brainstorm, I go into the drafting stage. There is no straight path or foolproof system for creating successful designs, making patience and discipline necessary. Time is needed to approach the work from every angle, to find the right imagery, and then marry my visual instincts with your needs.

Evaluate – I present my working designs and together we assess how well they measure up to the original concept. There’s no need to be shy here; constructive criticism is necessary to truly express someone else’s vision, so don’t hold back. Only with your feedback can the project progress and design be completed to your satisfaction.

Action – Finalize design with the comments and critiques from the previous step planted firmly in mind. This could mean simply adding the finishing touches or taking a completely different direction. It all depends on what comes out of the evaluation and how you want to move forward.

Success – Together again, we step back and examine the completed design. It’s important to me, both on a professional and personal level, to understand how well I’ve represented your vision. And I value spotting room for improvement before the next project begins and another one of your wonderful ideas is on the table.