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Northline Women's Healthcare Center

Project: Website Design
Industry: Health Care

NWHC offers complete health services to women living in the Dearborn and Downriver communities of Michigan. Their goal for their website design was to appeal to the audience of women between the ages of 12 and 90 and to make them feel comfortable and welcomed. I was inspired by their logo. Initially, I saw the lines of a stethoscope shaped as a heart, but that inspiration evolved into the focal point of their website background. The photo I selected was a woman with her hands framing a heart, highlighting her midsection: an action that provides comfort to women. Her clothing, a pink cotton long sleeve T-shirt and denim jeans, also communicated modern comfort. The position of the hands on the model also underlines one of the client's specialties: female Gynecology. Offsetting the background image to the left allows the attention to feature their top 3 services on their home page.

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