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Valley Tire Company

Project: Mobile/ Website Design
Industry: Automotive Retail

Valley Tire is a full-service auto repair center. Their main website objective was to create a design that would easily direct visitors to one of their three branches of service: Retail, Commercial, and Industrial/Heavy Equipment. Valley Tire started in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and, as many who live or know anything about the residents of Pittsburgh know, they are the biggest Steelers fans in America. I incorporated their spirit by selecting yellow and black as the  theme for the website and the Allegheny Bridge as the landing page background. The design challenge for this project was to unify their areas of service, yet make them distinctive from one another and inform their audience that they do more than just sell tires. I focused on the main need of their audience: to simply get back on the road. That concept inspired the overall look and feel of this website, which is why the perspective is placed "on the road," with the idea that the visitor is moving forward with Valley Tire.

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"We can't thank you enough. You did an amazing job on the website. Every time I look at our new site I just smile.

  I love the design so much." -Kim Jones, Administrative Assistant, Valley Tire